1. The Confidentiality Agreement herein applies to all parts of the Application.

2.For the matter of personal information and data security, the Hosting Provider has no responsibility in the broadest sense for copying, theft of the User's personal information or the use  of it for advertising purposes, or the use of it by 3rd parties in any way that may give rise to a crime or a legal dispute.

3.In addition to the matters covered by Article 9 of the Mobile Application Agreement, trademarks, logos, emblems, company's writing style, colors, letters, categories, sectors, showcase information, buttons in the application (Bazaar, Contact, Message, Vitrine) etc. , buttons, tabs, colors and emblems which evokes the trademark in the application shall not be copied, used, reproduced in a way which may give rise to ambiguity for the final user and shall not be put into written and visual media except for the permission of the Hosting Provider. Otherwise, all rights to claim and lawsuit of the hosting provider are reserved due to the violation of the law on intellectual and artistic works, industrial property law and other related legal regulations.

4. The hosting provider has the right to access to the User via letter, e-mail, SMS, telephone conversation and other means through the address of the User which was specified by it in the registration form or updated later by it, its e-mail address with the extension of which is also the username, fixed and mobile telephone lines and other contact information with communication, marketing, notification and other purposes.  The user by accepting the Agreement herein accepts and declares that the hosting provider may enhgaged in the above-mentioned communication activities with it unless there is no written notice otherwise.

5. The location provider may access to all information, including personal data shared by the User under the Application. The hosting provider undertakes that it will share this information solely with its participants for the use of the Application. The user on the other side agrees that this information may be used to communicate with it  for the purpose of the Application.

6. In order to be able to identify problems related to the system in the application and to eliminate any possible problems urgently that may arise in the Application, the Hosting Provider may record the IP address of the user, the information stored in its social network user account when needed, and use these records for the mentioned purposes. These IP addresses may be used by the Hosting Provider to define the users and visitors generally and collect demographic data in a comprehensive way. 

7. Information obtained within the scope of the application may be used by the Hosting Provider and other persons and institutions with which it is cooperating, without exposing the identity of the user in any way, only for evaluating various statistics, permitted marketing, database creation efforts and market research.

8. The Hosting Provider may provide links to other sites within the Application, publish the advertisements of the contractual 3rd Parties,  may redirect users through advertisements to advertising or contractual 3rd parties. The Hosting Provider has no responsibility for the confidentiality practices and policies of other Applications accessed through this link or for the content they contain. 

9. In the following cases, the Hosting Provider shall be able to disclose the information of the users to the third parties out of the provisions of this confidentiality declaration. These cases are; 

• Where it is necessary to comply with the obligations of the rules of law, 

• Where the Hosting Provider is required to fulfill the requirements of the agreements between the users and their implementation, 

• Where information about Users is requested under a research or investigation duly carried out by the competent administrative and / or judicial authorities,

• Where providing information is required to protect users' rights or security.

10. Information that can be requested from users who respond to periodic or non-periodic surveys that may be organized by the Hosting Provider in Applications may also be used by the Hosting Provider and the collaborating persons or organizations for directly marketing to these users, to conduct statistical analyzes and to create a special database. 

11. The Hosting Provider may amend the provisions of the confidentiality notice herein at times it deems necessary provided that it shall be published in the Application. The provisions of the confidentiality notice amended by the Hosting Provider shall be deemed to have entered into force on the date of publication in the Application.

12. The Confidentiality Agreement herein consists of 12 (twelve) articles and is an integral part of the Mobile Application User Agreement.




Within Law No. 6698 Personal Information Protection Law respect to my contact information and other personal information I have provided and any personal/non-personal information I use for accessing the site / mobile application; as being informed about all my relevant legal rights, I give clear permission (consent-approval), for my personal information such as name, surname, nickname, age, gender, marital status, living area, education level, areas of interest, shopping habits-preferences, likes, invoice contents, mobile / home / business phone number, device code, information of technical advertisement identifier-identification, e-mail address, all kinds of card information except password, and location data, to be obtained, taken over with automatic / non-automated methods, to be recorded in domestic and international written / magnetic archives within the maximum legal terms for the period prescribed, stored, retained, to be made available, used, updated, changed, combined, reorganized, sorted, disclosed, shared,  transmitted (domestically-abroad), transferred and processed in other ways, by the Hosting Provider and its partners / business partners, successors, service providers-suppliers (including social media operators) and third parties to be defined by thereof, for legal purposes, for allowing me to utilize general and personalized products-services and possibilities, and for the purpose of making all kinds of product-service promotion, advertisement, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, credit card and membership transactions, informations and applications to be done, by necessary precautions for the protection of their confidentiality being taken and in accordance with the legal regulations on their processing.  




I give my assent for the information I have provided in the Membership form, to be used, kept and shared in  all kinds of marketing activities, campaigns, advertisements, launches, surveys, discounts, promotions, special offers, promotion, openings, invitation and event reminders and communication works applications, by the Hosting Provider or institutions affiliated with GİBİ1 and collaborating institutions, unless otherwise provided. I give clear permission and approval for them to send commercial electronic messages and other messages to me, in accordance with laws, by SMS / text messaging, notifications, social media and other online advertising networks, auto-dialing, computer, phone, fax, email, bluetooth-other wireless networks (if they are turned on in my device) and other electronic communication instruments for publicities, advertisements, promotions, sales and marketing of all kinds of products and services, likewise for credit card and membership informing, transactions and applications.