A Perfectly Competitive Market for
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Gibi1 is a free-to-download and non-ad-supported mobile application for iOS and Android based smartphones which boosts your trade communication and increases your competitive power. You register on the portal without any username or password and seamlessly synchronise your contacts into the application. It provides a perfectly competitive market for all commercial activities, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.
Accelerate your trade communication
Whatever your role in trade is...

As a supplier

Download the app. Create your profile. Display your products in the ‘vitrine’. See your customers in your contacts around you and keep in touch with them by instant messaging.


As a customer

Download the app. Create your profile. Find the most cost-effective product. Keep in touch with your supplier product owner.

Create your E-Commerce Profile

It does not matter whether you are a supplier or a customer: choose the sectors in which you carry out commercial activities and create your gibi1 profile. In addition to this, facilitate your accessibility with your personal yourphonenumber@gibi1.com e-mail address.

Discover your Dynamic Contacts

From your location, dynamically sort your customers ’ instant mobile or your suppliers’ workplace (vitrine) distances in your contacts and take advantage of the opportunities around you.

Create your Mobile Workplace (Vitrine)

Gibi1 provides a customized mobile workplace (Vitrine) from which you can share product images and details (description, price, amount etc.), make instant announcements (news, campaigns, etc.) according to your commercial needs, enter your business contact information and select your address on the map.

Save Time on the Market (Bazaar)

Plan your economic trade in advance, before hitting the road while sorting products, services, opportunities and announcements you need by mobile distance, price or up-to-dateness, increase your trading volume and most of all, start saving time.

Boost your Efficiency by Instant Messaging (Message)

Boost your efficiency on the market by instant messaging (location, multimedia) with your customers and suppliers in the contacts vitrine, or profile section about related products on the market with a single touch on announcement screens.
Audit your Commercial Privacy

It is completely under your control in which profiles you limit your information such as, mobile distance, vitrine distance, vitrine content and last seen on the application on the profiles in your dynamic contacts.

You can also easily withhold information sharing to everyone on your own profile or give access to the ones that had already had the permission to share before.

You can follow our innovations on www.gibi1.com, our social media accounts and always contact us at info@gibi1.com.

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